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80% of the World’s data is virtually useless.
It’s ‘trapped’ in mainframes which are incompatible with Windows and Linux.
eD3P connects commodity storage to the mainframe to save over 90% on the cost of accessing, analysing, storing and distributing mainframe data.


Everybody knows business is under pressure to fundamentally reduce the total cost of IT ownership while delivering better service with increased agility; do more with less.
Everybody also knows that mainframes are legacy, expensive, slow to adapt, proprietary, siloed and complex. That they are yesterday’s answer unsuited to today’s problems.
What fewer people know is that 75% of the Fortune 1000 still rely on mainframes as the system of record, that the 35,000 systems out there hold 80% of all corporate data, are responsible for 60% of all transactions and hold data and applications assets valued at $5 Trillion. Migration away from the mainframe has proven so hard it is typically not an option.
Everybody knows that data, and therefore storage, is set to explode over the next 5 years and that proprietary mainframe storage is brutally expensive, forcing most customers to dump valuable data to tape early in the cycle, making it inaccessible for subsequent use or analysis. In order to save money on storage and other system resources, businesses are discarding their data, potentially their most valuable asset.

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What almost nobody knows is that there is now a solution to these problems. A solution that will disrupt the total cost of ownership by enabling commodity storage to replace proprietary mainframe DASD at a fraction of the price. More importantly, it will allow workloads to be offloaded to commodity platforms and into the Cloud. By unlocking corporate data for access in near real-time, it is now possible to drive analytics against mainframe data. This innovation introduces a fundamental change to IT that will not only save mainframe owners millions, but which will revitalise the established corporations, giving them unprecedented and invaluable insight into their current and archived data.

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Now you can?make secure commodity storage available to the mainframe. No conversion, no ETL, over 90% cost saving.

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Now you can move mainframe data to and from distributed systems and the Cloud. Without ETL.

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Now you can enjoy the flexibility and agility of distributed systems and Cloud – from the mainframe. Securely.

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Now you can offload core mainframe workloads and data to Cloud, realising huge savings.

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We can help

Only a patchwork approach exists to service these needs today. It needs a platform that elegantly addresses the core problem of data, in different formats, being able to move freely and securely from the mainframe to Windows / Linux (generically x86) and, ultimately, to Cloud.
eD3P makes low cost, commodity storage available to the mainframe. We can’t overstate how important this is. Mainframe storage is proprietary and EXPENSIVE with a capital Ouch. Putting mainframe data onto commodity storage represents a cost saving over 90% really. This sustainable TCO reduction introduces the possibility of archived data being brought back online, enabling timely analysis and the extraction of real value from previously opaque data. We do this with a platform designed to integrate ISV solutions.
The name eD3P comes from ‘Enterprise Digital Data Distribution Platform’. It’s the future of mainframe data and it might be the next big thing for you.

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Are you an Independent Software or Solution Vendor serving the enterprise? Then this is for you…


As an ISV you already know that mainframe customers want to find low-risk ways of extracting data without slow ETL / FTP or expensive middleware. Not only that, but they also want to offload workloads, reduce batch windows and they are desperate to find a low-cost alternative to DASD (as long as it’s not connected via LAN). They want to link data seamlessly to the wider eco-system and dramatically reduce cost, up to and including the adoption of on-demand, Elastic Cloud.
This demands innovation and now, at last, it is here, and you can be a part of it.
If you have applications and services that would be enhanced by accessing mainframe data in near real-time, if you would like to do this simply, without having to suffer the drudgery of ETL, if instead, you see the value in wrapping your solutions onto a robust, secure, scalable and disruptively low-cost platform that moves mainframe data effortlessly between mainframe and x86, then take a look at how we can build unique propositions and solutions together.


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