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The story

What keeps us awake at night is thinking about what keeps you awake at night.

For decades, corporate systems, such as IBM’s z/OS mainframes have provided big, powerful, secure and reliable computing. They are trusted with the largest, most valuable corporate data assets in the World. But contemporary platforms, such as those offered in the Cloud, offer economical, flexible alternatives better suited for many processing tasks. The problem is that moving workloads and data to Cloud is complex, expensive, risky and insecure. We have made it our business to apply clearer thinking and better technology to solving that problem.

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The Mainframe Challenge

We have spent decades talking to CIOs and CTOs. If your customer has a mainframe and if they are in any way typical, they are thinking?


Every CIO / CTO is under pressure to reduce cost (but achieve more). Once every bit of fat has been trimmed, every inefficiency eliminated and every supplier squeezed, where do you go? If you’re a mainframe user, you can now reduce the cost of storage by over 90% by using eD3P to seamlessly access low-cost commodity storage.


Our data’s trapped. Extracting, Transforming, Loading and FTP is so very costly and adds huge data latency. The business is pushing hard for a better more timely solution to ensure it stays competitive. How do I by-pass batch, make the data available real-time and move it to where it’s needed without all that overhead?


How do I capitalise on the low-cost, pay-as-you-use, elastic infrastructure available in Cloud? Its capex-free infrastructure is tantalisingly close and I could achieve many of our goals if I can just work out how to get there. But I’ll never work again if I’m the last guy to get there or I mess up and compromise security.

Total Cost of Ownership

How do I achieve crushing budget cuts while continuing to improve service levels and delivering more value from our data? I have to find another way, and quickly, the CFO, CMO, CRO and others are queuing up at my door all with conflicting demands.

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So we have developed our platform to deliver the answers


Due to the high cost of storage, most mainframe owners quickly move data offline to lower cost archives. Recovering it for analysis is slow and, quite often, has to compete for storage and processing resource and doesn’t always win. Our technology includes a completely new way of storing expensive mainframe data on low-cost commodity storage. It does this with a native mainframe controller which eliminates the need to convert the data or resort to ETL. Near real-time analysis at a cost and speed which makes it impossible to ignore.


The eD3P platform enables native data to move between mainframe, distributed systems and Cloud. It introduces simplicity and removes batch, ETL / FTP, data latency, complexity and cost, bringing a new level of data access and management.


We make possible the seamless movement of mainframe data and we ensure the security of that data on other platforms. It is now possible to put mainframe data in a public, private or hybrid cloud for a fraction of the cost of the mainframe. Even data previously archived can be put back online for analytics and BI at a fraction of today’s cost. It’s quick, easy and secure and it opens up the possibility for our partners to create new solutions beyond the mainframe on the eD3P platform. This is just the start.


As you probably know, the financial benefit of offloading work and storage from the mainframe to commodity storage and x86 processing is immense probably 10x better rather than 10% better. As a provider to mainframe owners, you can fundamentally transform your offerings and the value you deliver, expanding your addressable markets and your own competitiveness.

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…This is why you’ll hear us going on about S.E.C.T. – Storage, ETL, Cloud TCO – each interlinked, but needing a holistic approach.

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That’s us too.

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With brilliantly clever, simple to use technology we are opening up the mainframe data cul de sac and their $5 trillion of data and application assets. We are removing cost and complexity and adding simplicity and choice. We are in the business of saving big enterprise millions on the cost of their computing.

We are also in the business of partnership. We don’t sell directly, only through ISVs and other partners. We don’t sell solutions, we sell a platform for your solutions. So you get to save your customer those millions.

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By offloading applications and data, even disc and tape storage from the mainframe to lower cost distributed systems and Cloud.

Sounds simple, but you know it isn’t – previous attempts have been complex, expensive and inelegant. Come and talk to us to see why this time it’s different.

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Have a look at our technology to see what we’re offering.




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