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eD3P is a young company, but with deep experience and capability. Although we are a technology company, we don’t just provide technology – we provide the collaboration required to get your solution ready to go to market quickly on our platform.
The eD3P technology stack is a unique platform upon which our partners can quickly bring high-value solutions to market; solutions which will make a real difference to your customers’ costs, agility and the value they can realise from their existing infrastructures.

ISV Offering Stack

Service Wrapper

zData Appliance from ITC

ITC makes any commodity Intel server transform into a mainframe storage device. From the mainframe’s perspective it is seamless. Think of it as a thumb drive for your mainframe … a very large but inexpensive thumb drive. You can make the mainframe think it is dealing with a tape drive or a disc drive – but it doesn’t have to know it is only a fraction of the price of other storage devices it connects to.

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ISV Offerings

Today, many mainframes represent virtual prisons of the enterprise data. This is true for 70% of all enterprise data for most of the World’s largest companies. This critical, time sensitive data languishes within mainframes, unable to contribute to the bottom line as much as it should. We spring the data to the freedom of the Cloud in a timely, inexpensive and secure manner.

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