Houston, we have a problem…

    The problem is that it’s more than one problem

    There are a several barriers preventing BIG enterprise moving from their BIG systems to cloud and other low cost platforms.? And, to be effective, they ALL need to be overcome.


    ?Mainframes are?secure, data is safe


    The cloud is currently insecure, data is vulnerable


    Extracting, Transforming and Loading data onto different platforms is complex, slow and expensive. And it’s the same moving it back again.



    Any investment in new solutions has to be paid for, and it’s not cheap.
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    ?We have the?solution

    We’ve thought long and hard how to solve the entire problem.


    Because mainframe storage technology is unique to mainframes it’s really very expensive. ?To reduce the cost of storage, mainframe owners have to archive their data to offline media, making it unavailable for, well, anything. ?Alternatively they resort to ETL to move it to conventional technologies, but you don’t need us to tell you how nasty?that is.
    eD3P has a controller that enables the seamless movement of mainframe data to the exact same storage technology used for Windows and Linux systems. ?That represents a cost saving of over 90% and makes the data immediately available for analysis and other uses. ?There’s no ETL, no migration, conversion or translation. ?It’s just native mainframe data moving from there to here to Cloud and back again. ?Clever eh?


    You probably know that moving data from mainframe (z/OS) to modern Windows or Linux systems (X86) is like translating from Chinese to English.? They are incompatible at every level.? So instead of undertaking difficult data extraction and the rest of the current data movement process, we simply eliminate? the need for ETL, making the data available on more appropriate platforms in near-real time, simply and cost effectively.

    Total Cost of Ownership

    By freely and securely offloading relevant workloads to more appropriate systems, eD3P customers will save millions in hardware resources, data storage and mainframe software licences.? Not just once, but on an ongoing basis.

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