The aim

    We aim to directly address the most pressing needs of the big enterprise CIO/CTO whose highest priority is to reduce the cost of big systems.
    To achieve this our customers and partners all agree the CIO/CTO has 4 issues on their mind:


    If I can’t move my most valuable data assets securely, I’m not moving them at all.


    The current Extract, Transform and Load solutions are no longer up to the job.


    The agile infrastructure and commercial models are too compelling to ignore.

    Total Cost of Ownership

    The technology must be paid for from the savings made, or there is no business case.

    We call this focus S.E.C.T

    Our customers and partners agree that addressing these issues requires a connected strategy – otherwise one barrier overcome merely leads to the next.

    eD3P has that strategy.

    Independent Software Vendors

    eD3P is a young company, but with deep experience and capability.? Although we are a technology company, we know technology must serve business.
    This is why we only sell our technology through Independent Software Vendors who can add vital business value; an even more compelling reason to make the move to more appropriate platforms.
    eD3P addresses the issues of Security, ETL, Cloud and Total Cost of Ownership (SECT).? And that clears the way for our partners to apply the real business solutions that our customers want to use.

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